My work is a process driven result of and response to textures, angles, curves, edges, and masses that develop through my initial interaction with material and space. I invite these early crude forms to carry an inherent weight, texture, feeling, and personality. The relationship between myself and the work is much like that of a verbal conversation. An understanding of time, scale, texture, and the meaning of the subject can be elucidated through explanation to and response from the listener. Because half of the conversation is my own, the influences of my travels and life experiences are undeniably present. As the material is placed, I respond, often by cutting, rearranging, collaging and freeing shape from its ground, so that is has a definite relationship to the space around it; a clarity and a measure within itself. 

The work is primarily oil pigment stick on handmade papers, however I try not to limit myself, any mark making material that will provide an unexpected visual conversation is welcomed.